We perform professional wind mitigation inspections in and around Jacksonville Florida


A wind mitigation is an important insurance inspection to have here in Florida (often requested along with a 4-point inspection). Why is it so important? For at least two reasons.

First – a wind mitigation inspection ensures that your home is ready for the many wind storms we get here in Jacksonville. We inspect key areas of your home and report on deficiencies that could cause damage to your home in a wind event.

Secondly, though, there is a monetary aspect. With a proper wind mitigation inspection, you can lower your insurance rates. Insurance companies lean very heavily on these reports to know what their risk is on your home. And a clean wind mitigation report can substantially lower your insurance rates. We hear from many clients who get a wind mitigation inspection say that the inspection pays for itself in just the first price reduction.

So contact us today and ask about a wind mitigation inspection in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas!


    We provide professional wind mitigation inspections and home inspections in Jacksonville, Yulee, Orange Park, Callahan, Amelia Island, and all surrounding areas of the greater Jacksonville area!

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