Water testing services for both private wells and public water in and around Jacksonville


Are you buying a home with a private water well? If so, then having your water properly tested is one of the most critical parts of the buying process.

The VA and FHA have a requirement for well water sampling when private homes are sold. Our sampling meets those requirements and you will be provided a full lab report and certificate.

But besides the government regulations, you want to make sure that your water is safe to drink. Do not skip the water testing process when buying a home.


Most people don’t think about getting their water tested when they are buying a home that has public water. They assume the municipality will test it for them. While they do (to an extent) the water you drink travels a long way, through many different materials, to our home – and it can pick up a lot along the way.

Be sure to have us test your public water as well. A simple test can help determine if you have any drinking water issues.

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