We provide thorough and complete home inspections to truly protect you when buying or selling a home.

Amelia Island Home Inspections


We provide the best, most thorough home inspections for both buyers and sellers. We thoroughly inspect your home from the top of your roof down to your foundation. We include hundreds of components and items, including your home’s structure, exteriors, interiors, electrical, HVAC, plumbing system, and much more.

For Buyers:
A thorough home inspection before you buy a home is the single best way to protect your future in your new home. After calling us and setting up an appointment, you can follow along on the inspection, learn about your home, and then you will receive a full digital home inspection report.

For Sellers:
Get your home ready to sell with a pre-listing inspection. Following the same pattern as a buyer’s inspection, this will help you find issues and fix or disclose them so as not to put your home sale at risk.



Roofing system, entire building envelope, stairs, decks, porches, grading, garage, walkways, driveway, exterior electric, exterior plumbing, doors, windows, & more.


The entire structure, basement, crawlspaces, attic areas, stairs, handrails, walls, ceilings, electrical fixtures, plumbing points, and all living spaces in the home.


The main electrical service, main electric panel, subpanels, branch wiring, heating system, cooling system, plumbing drain lines, plumbing supply, water heater, & more.


Add any of these services to your home inspection – or as a stand-alone service

Florida Four Point

A 4 point inspection looks at the 4 major systems (Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) in an older home.

Florida Wind Mitigation

Insurance companies are required by the state to offer discounts when consumers take steps toward wind mitigation.

Mold Assessment

Mold assessment activities include an inspection, investigation, or survey of a dwelling or other structure to provide the owner or occupant with information regarding the presence, identification, or evaluation of mold, the development of a mold management plan or remediation protocol, and the collection or analysis of a mold sample.

Mold Remediation

The removal of mold growth in your residential home or commercial property through a safe process that stops the growth and does not allow it to spread throughout your property.

Indoor Air Sanitization (Fogging)

Disinfectant fogging involves saturating an entire room with a microbial substance that can purify and remove pathogens from the air, as well as from surfaces within the room. This type of large-scale disinfection process is typically carried out sparingly in high-risk areas because of the risk of inhaling the disinfectant solution, and the related time it takes to safely clean a room using this method. Despite these drawbacks, disinfectant fogging is highly effective at combating pathogens, particularly those that are airborne or carried in respiratory droplets, such as the flu virus or COVID-19 coronavirus.

Water Sampling (Well and City) VA and FHA Standard Testing

The VA and FHA have a requirement for well sampling when private homes are sold. Our sampling will meet those requirements and you will be provided a full lab report and certificate.


We provide professional home inspections in Jacksonville, Yulee, Orange Park, Callahan, Amelia Island, and all surrounding areas of the greater Jacksonville area!

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